Real community and Biblical teaching that helps you become a faithful follower of Jesus.

Real Community

Authentic Worship

Biblical Teaching

You're called to be a faithful follower of Jesus

To do that you'll need a community of believers that can help deepen your relationship with God.

It can be hard to find real church community that accepts you - without compromising on Biblical teaching.

That's why Emmaus Church is a place where you can gather for worship, community, and strong teaching straight from Scripture.

What's Emmaus Like?


– Real, welcoming community
– Emmaus Groups that gather monthly after church


– Beautiful, authentic worship
– Variety of contemporary and traditional songs.


– Expository teaching (preaching through the Bible verse by verse)
– Trained preachers and speakers

It's easy to be a part of Emmaus

1) Worship: Come to Emmaus on a Sunday morning and join the community for vibrant worship and biblical teaching.

2) Gather: When you’re ready, join an Emmaus Group and gather with them throughout the month.

3) Grow: You’ll continue to grow into a faithful follower of Jesus as you surround yourself with other believers.

We believe your church community should love you for who you are - without compromising on Biblical truths.

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