Emmaus 3.0

For over 10 years we have operated in rented spaces, starting in the dark office parks across from Maryland Fried Chicken and now amongst the changing stage scenes in the Garden Theater. Regardless of where we worship, so many of you have given your time, talents, and treasure to support the operational and financial needs of Emmaus. We are eternally grateful that you have chosen to honor God in this way.

As we look forward to our next 10 years, we are focused on a place where people can find biblical truth for generations. In our future home we look to enjoy:

Clean, colorful rooms for children’s church
Consistent, God Focused, worship space
Community space for Bible studies, Youth Services, and church events
Welcoming yard space for outside events
Kitchen space for food/coffee prep
Offices for leadership staff
Minimal set-up and breakdown for service prep
Our goal is to raise $700,000 by September 2024 and we are well on our way with $170,000 in current donations! We also have another $30,000 in additional pledges. This brings our total to $200,000. We only have $500,000 more to go! We ask you to prayerfully consider participating in the Emmaus 3.0 Capital Campaign. It is only through God’s grace and your support will we realize our dreams for how we will love and serve the community for Christ.

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